Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's Going On

I have a conference to go tonight. I'm really looking forward to it. Friday should be the most fun as it's all day with a nice break between morning and evening. I have plans for lunch that includes having a few people over to my house. One of them approached me last night and asked for me help looking over her novel. I feel honored that she'd ask. She heard that I had written a book.

My husband has asked me to write an e-book about writing. :) I'm gathering notes and ideas for it now and it should be fun. So, look for topical posts here in the near future about different aspects of writing and the different stages.

Besides the sequel to Works in Progress and another fiction book that I am writing and now the e-book, I've been wanting to put together another non-fiction book. My husband is amazing person. He's humble and he loves God and I believe that because he lets the Spirit lead that God allows some wonderful things to happen when he witnesses to others. I'm going to compile the stories and organize them by theme for chapters and then see about getting it published. I know the book would only be interesting to those who feel it's important to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus commanded us all to do, but I think it will be a blessing to those who do read it. Not because of my great talent as an artist, but because the stories themself are so wonderfully amazing. I know my husband read a book by a great preacher, Dr. Jack Hyles, where he told some amazing stories about people that he'd witnessed to and that really encouraged my husband.

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