Saturday, May 31, 2008

Something I Wrote

I read a lot of books on writing. I can't get enough of them. I left college in the middle of my sophomore year, to get marriedh, so I've only taken one creative writing class. I am learning the art of writing by reading books and scouring the internet for good sites.

A while ago, I was reading an older edition of The Writer Handbook. There was a chapter by Stephen King that I found really helpful, discussing imagery. I loved the advice that Mr. King gave on not going over board. He reminded me that readers are not stupid and that they read because they like to use their imaginations.

I decided to try my hand at improving my imagery skills. I wrote this very short story with my focus on the imagery in the story. You can read the story here:

Jenna Takes a Short Cut

After you are done reading the story, I'd love for you to comment here and describe the grounds keeper for me. : )

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Brooke said...

I like this story mom. One of my favorites. Post others soon.