Friday, May 30, 2008

Site Rec. Owl Purdue Grammar

Yay! I am getting a post done today. I've been writing, but not for my novel. I've been doing some practice writing, which I don't want to talk about here too much. It's creative writing. I've gotten six short stories written. Two of which were nineteen chapters long. I'm currently working on one that I'm up to fourteen chapters and I have over 3,000 words written today.

When I was first starting out, my grammar was terrible. I decided I wasn't going to let it stay that way. When I turn in my first manuscript, I want it to be as clean as possible. One of my favorite sites, that really helped me refresh my grammar and punctuation was The Owl Purdue English Website. So much good stuff here.

In the future, I will post links to some of my creative writing exercises that I've done in the past. All short stories or little snippets that could come from a story. I have them stored on a site that I'll talk about in a post soon.

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