Friday, June 6, 2008

Get to know me...Post

I have to write a quick post today. We are in the middle of our Vacation Bible School and I need to help get some kids to the last day.

Some things of interest about me:

1. I'm a homebody and if it weren't for a husband, who likes to be on the move, and a church with lots of activities and services, I'd probably never leave the house.

2. I'm not a people person. I love my kids and husband and enjoy spending time with them, but I'm perfectly happy not to have friends over and go out with the girls. I MAKE myself care about others for my Christian ministries, and once I am in the middle of serving God by teaching a children's class or doing a church nursery, I really enjoy it and remember that there is nothing better for a person's soul, after salvation, then doing for others.

3. I went to a secular University and was in a sorority when I made the decision to start going to church at least once a week for the rest of my life (as long as health permits). So far, I have kept my promise to myself and to God for that and I'm grateful for his grace to allow that.

4. In my early twenties, newly married and just starting to teach Sunday, I was inspired by a lady in her late 80's. Her name was Pearl. She was so faithful to church and she found a way to fill her car up with kids in the neighborhood to bring them to Sunday School, each week. We talked many times and she told me how she'd been in church since she was a little girl. How she used to teach Sunday School for many, many years. I made the decision to be like her and NEVER quit on God. If the Lord tarries, and he's sees fit to let me live to a ripe old age, I've got another fifty years of service planned out for the Lord.

5. I'm a big cat lover. I have two cats right now, and when my kids are grown and gone, I plan to have more.

6. I wrote a novel when I was sixteen. I had plans to revise and edit and go over it chapter by chapter, but then my fancy word processor broke and everything was a on a 3.5 disk that would not open on a regular computer.

P.S. Someone tried to contact me through my AIM box on the right. That little purple box. I saw the message five minutes after it was sent. I had just walked away to do housework and did not hear the incoming sound. I'm sorry I missed you, whoever you were. Leave a comment to one of my posts or try to catch me online another time. I love to chat with people interested in writing. : )

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