Monday, October 6, 2008

I know it's been a while

I've been busy getting my act together and doing my best to write everyday. One of the best things a writer can do is to write, everyday.

Currently, I have just started chapter nine of my young adult book. I'm more than halfway through now and I'm very excited about it. It must be done by October thirty-first. I have signed up for nanowrimo and I've been lurking over at the forums there. Reading the posts of other excited authors has really gotten me excited.

My biggest problem during the month of November is the no editing rule. It seems that my writing skills have improved from last year and that I won't be leaving a trail of grammatical mistakes in my wake, but when I type fast, I can really pile on the typos. I thinking it would be best to turn off the spellcheck as you go thingy in Word. This way, my mistakes won't be starring at me as I continue to write. I would be way too tempted to fix, fix, fix.

I'm going to try to be more faithful to post to this blog as I know it's good to keep writing and it may inspire my muse for the actual art of writing a novel.

I have much of my current novel planned out in my head and I'm outlining two chapters ahead of what I write. My goal is to make it a fun read for a teenager that sneaks the moral of the story right by them.

I have a friend who's reading chapters as I go. I spend a half hour tops, going over a chapter and then I send it to her for her thoughts. So far, so good. She's my age, but she seems to like the story and is enamored with my male main character. My thirteen year old daughter is also reading as I go and she is often so impatient to find out what happens next that I will let her read an unedited version of a chapter. I get genuine pleasure from watching her as she reads off the computer screen. She laughs at the right times, her eyes get big at the right time and her overall reaction to the story has been very positive.

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