Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things are going slow but steady.

I'm working on chapter ten of my book. I hope to have it done by the end of the night. I got to spend time today with a few high school students and I picked their brain with notebook in hand. :)

I've also been gearing up for Nano and today I read the first two chapters of the story I plan to finish in November. Of course, my count will start with chapter three, but I know it will be long enough to go past 50,000 words.

Every time I turn my computer on or minimize a window, I see my Nano wallpaper and get excited about it.

I still have to work on editing and rewriting my short story submission for the Reader's Digest Contest. I will get to it.

I just read about commas on the edittorrent blog, and I'm all prepared to write using my commas properly. The comment that stuck out in my mind is that punctuation is not bling. I seriously want a question mark with a diamond for the point. A very very large question mark.

Just because I haven't rambled on enough in this post, I'll discuss one more thing. Edittorent mentioned that they get angry replies to their rejection letters. Often. I just can't understand why someone would do that. I am going to submit, submit, submit, knowing full well that my books will not be right for every publisher. I will be expecting rejection letters.

The more I read about other writers, the more I see how crazy insane a high percentage of them are. :) Me included. *Shakes head an babbles incoherently*

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