Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nano Winner!!!! That's me!

With eight days to spare, I did it folks! I am a Nano winner. And I am so thrilled to have finished this year.

I broke my toe last night, but I can type with a broken toe. That broke thumb last year was the death Nano for me last year.

I entered my short story, The Not-So-Brilliant Short Cut to a short story contest a few minutes ago. My heart is still pounding from clicking the submit button. I would be such a happy camper if I placed at all. Win, place or lose altogether, at least I took that leap and submitted something, somewhere.

If I lose, I'll be posting the story here, so that someone can read it. If I place or win, it will be put in a collection of short stories and I won't be able to post it here, but I will certainly be putting a link to a place where you could buy the collection. :)

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