Sunday, October 19, 2008

Encouraging Progress!

I was able to finish writing chapter ten last night. I read it this morning and had to laugh at all the stupid mistakes I made, but it was late at night when I finished it. I was tired.

I'm a little concerned about the pacing of the book. The first seven chapters are a quick run through with fun incidents of the to MC's childhood, but then the pace slows down for high school. Chapter nine and ten are all about tenth grade and chapter eleven will be set in ten grade and then move on to eleventh grade.

I'm going to leave it as is for now, but as I go back and revise, I may try to find a way to condense two chapter into one.

I've got notes and a rough idea about what I want to do with chapter eleven. I may have to go back and add a few things to the previous chapters to set the tone for what is going to happen next. I had it in my mind, but as I wrote, the MC has not wanted to behave the way I want him to. I know that sounds strange and spooky, but it's fixable.

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