Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Excerpt from my WIP

I'm just reading over chapter nine before I read my notes and rough outline for chapter ten and get back into writing it.

Here is an excerpt from chapter nine that my daughter really liked:

Aimee turned to Kim with her mouth slightly open in shock. “Did you just ask Bryan if he was jealous of Evan?”

“I know he’s jealous of Evan. I just wanted to see his reaction,” Kim said as she shut her own locker. They walked down the hallway a bit and Aimee glared at Kim who stopped her, glanced around and then said quietly. “Wake up and smell the coffee, Cinderella, Prince Rebellious has a major crush on you.”

Aimee shook her head. “Nope, he can’t stand me and I can’t stand him.”

Kim rolled her eyes and held out her hand. “Let me see Evan’s note.”

“No. Not until I’ve have a chance to read it,” Aimee said, dodging Kim’s prying hands as she tried to dig in to her pocket.

Aimee faked her friend out, going left and then running down the hall to the right. They were out of breath and laughing like idiots when they got to History class. She plopped into her seat and waved back at Evan who was smiling at her. Bryan was directly behind him and when she caught him staring at her, he quickly glanced away.

There was no way Bryan could like her. Was there?

I think her favorite part is the Cinderella line, as it references something funny that happened when the characters were all nine years old.

I'm going back to preparing to write.

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Brooke said...

Hey Mom, Yeah, I do like the part! And I also like the Peter Pan parts in the chapter I just read.=)